The Pros and Cons of Quickly vs. Slowly Losing Weight

The Pros and Cons of Quickly vs. Slowly Losing Weight

Do you Want to Be The Tortoise or The Hare?

Who would you rather be the tortoise or the hare?

When it comes to your weight loss, would you rather lose it slowly or quickly?

What is the better approach?

There is no clear cut answer. The best answer we can give you, is that it depends on the the individual.

Losing Weight Quickly

Losing weight quickly might be better suited for those who are very overweight or obese.

Some studies suggest that losing weight quickly can lead to improved long-term weight maintenance. But, keep in mind that losing weight quickly could mean a higher chance that much of that weight was muscle mass and bone mineral density. This is especially true in the absence of resistance training and a high protein diet.

If someone is very overweight or obese then being more aggressive with the weight loss might be a good option, especially since because there is more more body fat to get rid of before you can start to be concerned with losing muscle.

Losing Weight Slowly

Losing weight slowly might be better suited for those who are already lean.

The more lean you are, the harder it is to shed fat without risking losing muscle in the process.

Being more lean means you have be more conservative in your weight loss approach to ensure that you aren’t losing too much muscle mass or bone mineral density.

Which approach is best for me?

So, which approach should you take?

This depends on where you currently stand. If you are someone who is very overweight or obese (BMI >24.9) then you can be more aggressive with your weight loss. Be in a larger calorie deficit, for a longer period of time and you will lose weight quickly.

You don’t have to worry too much about losing muscle, because you’ve got more body fat.

If you are someone who is at a normal weight (BMI <24.9) then you have to be more cautious with your weight loss. You need to be in a smaller calorie deficit, for a slightly shorter period of time.

The main focus for you is to lose body fat without losing muscle mass.

Seems complicated? Don’t worry, at Pare & Prune we have qualified and experienced coaches to help guide you through this journey regardless of where you are currently starting from. Start working with a coach today!