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About Us

At Pare & Prune, we are committed to helping you with your joint problems, and there’s a reason why we’re uniquely positioned to do so.  

My name is Maamoun and I'm the founder of P&P and a pharmacist by training. So, when it comes to having a passion for supporting people’s road to health, I come by it honestly. But I feel a responsibility to utilize my experience in the industry (both good and bad) to innovate on how we can become our best, healthiest selves.

Let me explain

We believe wholeheartedly in challenging the status quo around health and wellness broadly, and the challenges of joint health specifically. 

Through effective, evidence-based supplement formulations P&P takes a multi-pronged approach to fortify your most important personal health goals.

Why Pare & Prune

Our founder's personal experience in the pharmacy profession has shown us that all-too-often health advice comes in the form of a one-dimensional approach. We pride ourselves on going deeper, mindfully exploring the full scope of what you need to live well. Experience, attention to detail, and supporting you as an individual are paramount to our approach.

Focus on what you need

We know your time is precious, and It shouldn’t be all on your shoulders to figure out what training, nutrition, and supplements are right for you. We’ve dedicated our professional lives to cutting through the noise to recommend what works – and only what works.

It's not the way it’s always been done, and we’re proud of that.