Module 5 -How Do You Get There?

Module 5 -How Do You Get There?


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How Do You Get There?

This week, we are focused on answering the third and final question. The question of How do you get to your fat goal?

This question normally translates into "how do I lose fat"?

The simple answer to this complicated question lies in the old adage of 'calories in vs. calories out'

The first step we will do together is to assess the amount of calories you will need to maintain weight based on your level of activity.

Then we will compare that number to the amount of calories you consume daily

Finally as the weeks and months go by, we will record how much you consume of each macronutrient and how much weight, body fat and lean mass you gain or lose.

To lose fat you will need to end up in a caloric deficit on most days of the week.

Not to worry. We will cover this in more detail in our coaching.

Action Item(s)

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Weekly Reflections