Module 6 - Focus on More Than Just the Number on the Scale

Module 6 - Focus on More Than Just the Number on the Scale


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Non-Scale Victories

Weight/body fat loss comes down to developing consistent eating and exercise habits.

We must focus on tracking not only what you are eating but also your weight, body fat percentage and how you are also feeling throughout the process.

Tracking your habits is a powerful tool to use. It brings awareness to your eating habits and how those habits are affecting your weight, body fat and the way you feel.

Research has shown for example, that people who track their progress on goals like losing weight are more likely to improve than those who don't.

The downside of tracking your weight and body fat percentage is that you become driven by the number on the scale rather than the purpose behind it. When the measure becomes the target, it ceases to be a good measure.

When it comes to weight/body fat loss, the number is not the only thing that matters. This is where focusing on non-scale victories is important.

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Action Item(s)

Non-Scale Victories

It can be satisfying to record and track your weight throughout this program. It's important to understand that measurement is NOT the only thing that matters. The truth is that the number on the scale is going to be stubborn at times.

If you focus only on that number your motivation will start to decrease. This is why it's important focus on other units of measurements like improvement in your sleep, mood, skin, energy and stress level.

If you are no longer motivated by the number you see on the scale then it's time to start focusing on these other measurements that give you a signal of progress.

Weekly Non-Scale Victories Tracker 

Weekly Weigh In (record your weight and % body fat)

Weekly Reflections